Because Project Cars Don't Have to Ruin your Finances
Because Project Cars Don't Have to Ruin your Finances
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A Poor Excuse for Progress

I started a new job this week, wherein I became quite possibly the most hated man in Providence, RI. 10 points to whomever can guess the job. But anyway.

This is all I’ve accomplished lately:

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I got the cab stripped last weekend, so I thought I’d lay down some primer. I bought a new can of Tamiya gray, but for the life of me I can’t find it, so I had to use white, which I guess is a little finer. For a relatively thin primer, the Tamiya covers well. In fact, with a gloss coat over it I’ve actually used it as a finish’s a nice pure white, and it lays down really nicely so I couldn’t see a benefit to covering it with more white paint.

But in this case, it's going to get a dark metallic blue over the top, because Bigfoot. I'll turn the parts over and finish priming tomorrow, maybe lay down some color.

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